This service is not your typical essay writing company. It's an AI-powered platform where an AI-bot connects customers to nerds, people who can perform their requests.

The website says that no matter what type of assignment you have they can handle it all. The bot will match you with the most suitable person for the job. This unusual approach intrigued me enough to order it and write my own detailed nerdify review.


Like many other reviews of nerdify, I began by placing an order. It was difficult because I had to answer many questions that the bot sent me before I received the price. Then I could choose from various nerds offered by the bot for my order.

I received all communication with the writer (I purchased a standard essay) through this messenger. The final paper arrived on the deadline I specified, but it was terrible. There were errors in the structure and no references.

Was nerdify cheating? This is what I believed, so I sent it in for a revision. However, I also encountered problems. The service wasn't responsible for my paper's nerds and refused compensation. It was only one revision, and it wasn't any better. Thus, I can't call gonerdify reliable.


How much does nerdify cost? This is a fascinating question, but there is no price chart. A bot allows you to place an order. This means that you must send many messages specifying your request. It takes a long time.

It is impossible to compare the nerdify price with the average market price. There are no nerdify coupon codes, discounts or loyalty programs that could make the price less expensive. Your price includes 11% commission for the service.


Is go nerdify legit? It appears that it is, with two offices in the US as well as the UK. The details of guarantees are a bit blurry. On the refund page, you don't get any information. Instead, the service requests that you contact them as soon as possible to resolve the issue. They will then process your claim within 3 to 5 business days.

They don't explain how much you can get and when you can expect a full reimbursement. This makes me wonder if the company isn't responsible for its geeks.

Is nerdify safe? This privacy policy is more in-depth. In many cases, the company may use your data including third-party services. It doesn't seem safe to me.


Reviews of nerdify Reddit are available, along with feedback from customers using platforms like TrustPilot (4.7 rating), and SiteJabber (3.8 rating with many negative reviews).

Customers complain about poor quality and customer service in the majority of gordify reviews. There is no way to return the product.


Is gonerdify real? There are two addresses for the company in London and San Francisco. You can also email them and give your number to send them a text.
The AI-bot is your main source of communication: you can place an order, speak to your nerd and your support agent, and then wait for them to respond. This is very inconvenient. I was unable to get answers to my questions within a reasonable time, sometimes even hours.


My review of Goredify is negative. It is low quality, poor customer service, and inability to resolve urgent issues. Pricing is confusing, and there are no guarantees. Until the company addresses all of these issues, I won't recommend this service.

Is nerdify safe? The privacy policy is described more detailed with many cases allowing the company to use your data, including third-party services. It doesn't look safe to me.

You can find reviews of nerdify Reddit provides, as well as feedback from customers on such platforms as TrustPilot (4.7 ratings, which is fine) and SiteJabber (3.8 ratings with lots of negative reviews).

In the majority of gonerdify reviews, customers complain about the bad quality, problems with customer support, and no option to get a refund.

So, is gonerdify legit? The company has two addresses in London and San Francisco, emails, and the option to give your number if you want them to text you back.

But the main source of your communication is the AI-bot: here you place an order, talk to your nerd, and your support agent. All this is really inconvenient, and I had to wait quite a long time (sometimes up to several hours) to get replies to my questions.

Summing up my gonerdify review, my opinion is negative: the quality is bad, the level of customer support is poor with the inability to resolve an urgent issue, pricing and guarantees are blurry. I don't recommend this service until the company improves all these aspects.

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