Useful Refrigerator Parts and Accessories
Useful Refrigerator Parts and Accessories

    Go to the grocery store. Pay the bills. Make dinner. Pack lunch. As you busily go about your day and check things off your to-do list, you probably give little thought to your . But maybe you should. With advancements in technology, there are parts and refrigerator accessories for your fridge that can make the rest of your daily chores a little easier. Want to cut down on your  bill? Curious about how you can make your groceries and produce last longer? Need just a little more organization in your life? If so, these five fridge accessories might be just what you're looking for.

    Eating fresh fruits and  is great for your health, but can be hard on your wallet, especially if you find yourself spending money on produce, only to throw it away when you find it brown and spoiled in your fridge. But that's when our next refrigerator accessory can help -- it's a crisper liner for your refrigerator's produce drawer. Not only does it reduce moisture to help your fruits and veggies last longer, it also provides a soft, cushiony surface that helps prevents bruising. Some are even made to resist to odor and mold as well, so your refrigerator will stay smelling fresh, too.

    Soda, water, juice,  -- are beverages taking over your ? If so, you might want to invest in a beverage dispenser. These handy, compact refrigerator control board stack your drinks neatly, hold them in place and dole them out one at a time. Many are designed with a flat top, so you can stack other groceries on top. While can dispensers are probably the most popular variety, there are also ones designed to hold bottles, as well.

    And if you frequent tailgate parties, there's even on designed to be used as a tote. Not only does this version fit snuggly in your fridge, it also sports a handle for easy carrying to your next tailgate or picnic. And they're available in large and small sizes to fit your household's needs.

    Who hasn't gone to rummage through their  only to find the door already open, and for who knows how long? Leaving the fridge door open too long can let out all of the cold air, which can spoil your food and add to your .

    But not if you have a refrigerator alarm. This helpful device will alert you if you leave your refrigerator door open for too long by mistake. Most alarms even allow you to set the specific amount of time that passes before the alarm sounds. So if you like to take your time browsing the contents of your fridge, no problem. You can still do so in peace without worrying about the constant beeping of the alarm. You can just set it to alert you if the door stays open for a longer amount of time.

     is getting a bad rap these days, but maybe for good reason. Not only does it add 1.5 million tons of waste to landfills each year, it's also expensive. If you want to help the environment and your wallet, consider installing a refrigerator . For a fraction of the cost you would spend on bottled water for a year, you can get clean, filtered water right out of your fridge.

    For about $30, you can buy a simple system that you can easily install yourself. And, since it's installed at the refrigerator's water line, it filters drinking water, as well as the water used by your icemaker. Once it's in place, you just need to change the filter about every six months for clean, great tasting water and ice.

    So now you've got nice , but what about your fridge's air? What's worse than having a tall glass of milk that tastes like last night's garlic chicken? If your refrigerator seems to hold on to food odors, forget about that box of . Instead, try installing an air filter. If you're willing to give up a little bit of precious space in your fridge, an air filter can keep those food odors at bay and have your fridge smelling clean for up to nine months. After that, simply change the filter for a new one for about $11.

    For just a few extra dollars, in addition to eliminating pesky odors, some air filters will even help control your refrigerator's humidity, which can keep your food fresher longer.

    Compressor is heart of the refrigerator and it is the washing machine spare parts which does the cooling by making changes in pressure. It runs by an electric motor and most of the electricity is consumed by the compressor. It is located back of the refrigerator. Without a compressor, refrigerant, condenser your refrigerator is just an almaara. So all manufactures give good warranty on compressor. While purchasing the refrigerator make sure you have many years of warranty on compressor.

    It is the most coldest chamber of fridge. You can make ice in this chamber or you can keep frozen meat as well. Best place to keep the ice cream as well.

    Digital display screen or Temperature Controller

    Most of the high end especially side by side refrigerators comes with digital display screen, where you can digitally see the temperature and configure the temperature easily. LG 581 LTR GC-B207GLQV Side By Side Refrigerator is one of such very good example. In the low end models there won't be digital display screen to configure the temperature in that case those models comes with a temperature controllers knob to set the temperature. It is not accurate as digital but will do some level of decent job.

    Refrigerator features and accessories

    Refrigerator voltage stabilizer

    Voltage stabilizer protects the refrigerator from voltage fluctuations. Say you have directly connected the refrigerator to the power input and in case of voltage fluctuations and power surges damages the electronic components of refrigerator. The solution is to connect the power input to stabilizer and output of stabilizer to the refrigerator. In this way stabilizer act as a hedge against the voltage fluctuations, protect the refrigerator and increase the lifetime of refrigerator. Before buying the refrigerator please see high end models provide in built stabilizer. The V-Guard VG 50 voltage stabilizer is the most popular one avilable in the market.

    Refrigerator stand

    Refrigerator stand makes the fridge elevated and makes you access the fridge easily. Apart from that being the fridge at height it is very easy to clean as well. Ergonomically well designed fridge makes your life better. Make sure the stand fits the measurements of existing refrigerator and can take the heavy load of your refrigerator weight. Few stand models have adjustable length and width to tackle measurement issues.

    Refrigerator Deodorizer

    Afraid to put non veg and vegetables in fridge because of smells. Have you faced situation where food smell attacks the room when you open fridge door. Refrigerator deodorizer is at your service to resolve the problem. Deodorizer absorbs the food smells and additionally controls the growth of bacteria. One quick home tip on absorbing smells -keep one slice of bread openly, it will absorb few smells of meat.

    Air tight refrigerator boxes and bottles

    Air tights boxes are great way to organize stuff in your refrigerator. Initially it is hailed as space optimizers and soon they are turned as food protectors from frostbites. Yes, when fruits and vegetables are exposed to direct cool air they get frostbites, kind of coldness marks that you can see. To avoid such issues even single door refrigerators comes with vegetables boxes and high end refrigerators comes with so many compartments to protect from frostbites. In case you have so much open space in the fridge this is the best way. Similar to boxes you can buy some bottles to keep the water cold. Most of themodels comes with bottle holders. Of Course high end models comes with water dispensers, but otherwise you can buy some fridge bottles to keep the water. Milano, Tupperware and Cello are few well known brands.

    Ice trays

    Basic single door refrigerator comes with couple of ice trays. High end refrigerators comes with ice dispensers. Say you have normal fridge and you have high requirements of ice then you can buy additional ice trays. Look for non breakable ice trays. Well designed ice trays take significantly less time to form the ice. Other spare parts are well know brands in ice tray manufacturing. Ice trays comes in many designs you can have fun choosing different style ice cubes.

    Refrigerator magnets

    Refrigerator magnets are decorative items to enrich your creativity and keep you memories. Say you have visited a tourist place like Simla you can buy refrigerator magnet showcasing Simla city and paste it on fridge door. It is magnet hence it directly sticks to fridge door and you can move around on the door easily. Not only that you can capture your special days like birthday and marriage anniversary and paste it on the door. There are many brands like Alchemy Chemicals, Alpha Industries, Barcelona, Bcreative, PosterGuy, meSleep, Thoughtroad, Marvel, Lion Souvenirs, Seven Rays. You can buy these fridge magnets online too. Not only that there are many online websites which sells such magnets exclusively like There are many colorful and aesthetically pleasing magnets avilabe as well.

    Water and ice dispensers

    Few models of Side-by-side, double door and triple door refrigerators comes with water dispensers. Water dispensers enables you to drink water without even opening the refrigerator door. It is very nice to have feature. Videocon 604 Ltr VPL60ZPS Side by Side Refrigerator is one of such good refrigerator with water dispenser.

    Removable anti fungal gasket

    Removable anti fungal gasket is amazing feature. As the name suggest it is removable so you can remove and clean them easily. The anti fungal function make sure fungal and bacteria do not grow in the refrigerator.

    It's the smart way to select the products without reading buying guides defrost thermostat

    Make the best purchase decision with the help of Refrigerator selector.

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