DraftFCB loses country email list Johnson's global account
Andy Gould , Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at country email list Biggs Gilmore , published an article in Ad Age this week answering a number of questions related to the growth and size of ad agencies. In his opinion, it is preferable to “have deep relationships with a small number of large clients than to country email list work with a large number of clients”. According to him, “luckily”, his company has grown “more or less” slowly but steadily, “adding business to existing relationships”.

In fact, despite the fact that they have experienced more than 30% growth in the country email list last two years, they have only added a single new company to their list (out of a total of four). But, according to Gould, growth brings a serious problem : "As agencies get bigger, communication tends to break down between employees and the culture that once made an agency special often begins to erode." To try to keep a small agency unit country email list from dying out as it grows in size, Gould proposes that higher-level managers remain involved in client relations . “This is easy when there are 60 people in the company, but it is much more complicated when the size starts to get bigger.

There is no question that customer service from managers is a country email list key part of becoming successful, so being close to work has to be part of the equation,” he comments in his article. As departments get bigger, it's hard to maintain a relatively flat organization , so Bigss Gilmore has decided not to add layers, preferring to country email list keep the structure about the same as when they were half their current size. According to Gould, "This promotes communication between employees and allows everyone to be close to what is happening on a day-to-day basis and keep important information flowing freely throughout the company."

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