Twitter's change has left a huge gap in the website.
[Image: twitter-marketing-guide.png?format=jpg&q...1548882871]

Twitter has made a few but significant changes to how deleted tweets are displayed when embedding them on third-party websites.

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From the end of March at least Social media networks have started showing gaps on external sites when embedded tweets are deleted. The change, detailed in a blog post from Kevin Marks, is a major shift from the way Twitter handles deleted but buried tweets. When to preserve unformatted original text With this latest change The message then disappeared. Leave a gap in any story As buried, according to Eleanor Harding, Twitter's senior product manager, the change is coming.

To give more respect when people choose to delete their tweets" but also affects any tweets. deleted for other reasons such as when the account posted is suspended The biggest example is the account of former US President Donald Trump, whose account was suspended in early 2021, meaning that hundreds of articles embedded in Trump's posts (including those from The Verge and Vox) were not. work longer In the classic case of “Rotten Link

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